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brian AT brianrenner DOT com

List of Services

google adwords certified

PPC/SEM Services

(Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing)

From soup to nuts: If you've never run a PPC campaign or have one that simply needs to be scratched then I can help you determine what keywords to target, how much those keywords will cost on a CPC (cost per click) basis as well as what sort of daily/monthly budget should be used in order to compete in your industry

Campaign Audit: Some of my greatest successes have been coming in and revamping a PPC campaign that was either started by someone who wasn't an expert in the field or has just grown too out of hand for anyone to handle internally. It's not a rare thing for me to be able to save 25%-75% of a company's marketing budget just by streamlining their PPC account.

Transfer/Transition: Whether you've been managing the account internally or have a service provider you're parting ways with, I can help make the transition process as smooth as possible with little/no down time. I helped facilitate the transition while at iCrossing and will take as much care to ensure your business doesn't skip a beat...shoot, I think I just used a buzzword.

SEO Consulting Services
Search Engine Optimization Consulting

SEO Audit

o Keyword research and selection of terms to compete for (differs from PPC keyword research due to more focus on a tight list of keywords)
o Selection of pages to optimize
o Initial on page code optimization based on keyword research (Titles, metadata, content, link structure, etc.)
o Initial ranking report to attain baseline rankings
o Google Analytics implementation (if not already in use)
o Site map creation (or optimization if one already exists)

Monthly Optimization

o Content creation/copywriting
o Directory submissions
o Social media outlets where necessary (stumble, twitter, blogging, etc.)
o Monthly reporting
o Blog postings
o Press release optimization
o Article submission
o Monthly traffic analytics reports

Wordpress Blog Consulting

Full Blog Package

This package is perfect for someone who has no technical or design experience but a has a passion for the topic they're going to be blogging about.

If you have a burning desire to write about something you're passionate about, then I can help you gain traction online and eventually monetize your expertise in any given field.

Corporate Blog Package

This package is best suited for companies that realize how important it is to give your customers and potential customers up to date information regarding the industry you're in.

This package is only available to companies that understand there will be upkeep required on their part in the form of regular blog updates. Just having a blog for the sake of having a blog will do no good.

Wordpress Troubleshooting

If you've started to tinker around with a Wordpress blog but realized you're in over your head...I can come in and make sure you get back on the right track.

This service can be had at a very reasonable hourly rate.

Local Business Services

Local Optimization

Optimizing a website on a local level can be very different from optimizing on a general national level. There are certain directories to submit to, various Google services that should be utilized and a completely different set of rules as far as competitive research is concerned.

Craigslist Ad Creation & Posting

If you're a local business that realizes the Yellow Pages are no longer effective, Craigslist is your best bet to capture those customers who have also abandoned the archaic method of physically opening a book full of service ads.

Not only will I be able to create a few variations of Craigslist ads but will also have the ability to post them on a regular basis for a reasonable monthly fee.

Online Reputation Management

Damage Control

This typically occurs when you or someone in your company discovers something bad online and you have an "oh $h!%" moment. Don't worry, there are plenty of things that I can do to help you improve your name or company online. However, since these things take time you'll want to move quickly so as not to lose out on any business!


Unless you've already experienced your "oh $h!%" moment then this is the way to go. The best way to prevent a tarnished reputation is to be ahead of the curve and flood the search results with positive things about you or your company. Do this now and you'll reap the benefits for years!