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brian AT brianrenner DOT com

Wordpress Blog Consulting

Full Blog Package

This package is perfect for someone who has no technical or design experience but a has a passion for the topic they're going to be blogging about.

If you have a burning desire to write about something you're passionate about, then I can help you gain traction online and eventually monetize your expertise in any given field.

Corporate Blog Package

This package is best suited for companies that realize how important it is to give your customers and potential customers up to date information regarding the industry you're in.

This package is only available to companies that understand there will be upkeep required on their part in the form of regular blog updates. Just having a blog for the sake of having a blog will do no good.

Wordpress Troubleshooting

If you've started to tinker around with a Wordpress blog but realized you're in over your head...I can come in and make sure you get back on the right track.

This service can be had at a very reasonable hourly rate.