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Contact Info.

brian AT brianrenner DOT com

Who is Brian Renner?

Born & Raised in AZ

I've lived here my whole life and will always consider Arizona my home. I really enjoy being a 2 hour drive from the mountains or a 4 hour drive to the beach.

Serial Entrepreneur

Even when I was little I didn't understand the whole "corporate America daily 9-5" mentality. The idea of having a company own 1/3 of my life (not to mention 1/2 of my awake time) goes completely against my grain. That's why three years in corporate america was enough for me before jumping ship in May of 2008 and doing what I was meant to do, running my own business.

Bubble Gum Pusher

My first entrepreneurial experience was in middle school when I would go to Sam's Club with my mom. I would have her buy bubble gum in bulk and I'd sell it to the students of Greenway Middle School for $1 a pack or $0.25 a piece.

From that point on my mind was always trying to figure out how to make money from everything...then the internet came along.

I'm a Computer Nerd!

My first job ever in high school was building computers. I did quite well at it too, enough to where I was inspired to build a website ABOUT building computers called YouCanBuildAPC.com. Once the site was up and running I had to figure out a way to get traffic to it...that's when I discovered SEO.

Flash Forward to College Graduation

Once I graduated from Arizona State University I started my job search in the SEO field and found out there were large companies doing this for Fortune 500 businesses! One of those companies happened to be iCrossing which gave this spring chicken a job in the SEO department.

Uh Oh, We Need PPC Help

When the last person in iCrossing's PPC department put their two weeks in I was brought in to head up that department. What resulted was my building of an entire SEM department where I directly managed seven people out of iCrossing's Scottsdale headquarters.

Is This Office Space?

When iCrossing began growing like crazy and making acquisitions I decided it was time to try something a bit smaller. That's when an opportunity opened up at Off Madison Ave. (which acquired Mighty Interactive). While at Off Madison Ave. I managed the SEM/SEO/Social Media team and got to see the innerworkings of a full fledged advertising agency.

Despite a great work environment and exposure to some great clients & broad scope of work I decided it was finally time to do what I've always wanted and start my own business.

The Life of Brian

So there you have it, the life of Brian (my favorite Monty Python movie by the way).

If you like what you hear and want the agency level service without the overhead, just drop a line and I'll get back to you shortly.

I look forward to helping you and your business succeed!