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Brian Renner - SEM/SEO Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Agency Experience...
... Without the Overhead Costs

I've done the agency thing and learned quite a bit from it. Most importantly I learned that a lot of companies that buy into a national or international digital marketing agency are also buying into loads of overhead, countless meetings, meetings about future meetings...and don't get me started on all the buzzwords you'll hear.

My list of buzzwords

I have a list of over 400 buzzwords that I collected in my 3 years of agency life. They could probably all be whittled down to about 15 total words since many of them mean the same thing. The problem is, they're used to appear intelligent or even confuse the client enough to where they think the agency is the all knowing entity which has some sort of "inside" person at Google who tells them all the top secrets and black magic voodoo.

If you build it, they will come...does NOT apply to websites

Unfortunately there are many people who have had to learn this the hard way. If you currently have a site and need to drive traffic to it then that’s where I come in. Even if you don’t have a site I can help out wiith that too.

From driving traffic, to reputation management, to local business promotions I can help with it all. My business is to help your business in every way possible.